NeoGenomics brings breadth and depth of service to support pathologists and oncologists in making diagnoses, assessing prognoses, and discovering opportunities for targeted therapy in their patients with solid tumors.

With solid tumors accounting for approximately 90% of new cancer diagnoses*, expert professional staff, a robust test menu, and strong support services are critical features of a reference lab. Our program is highly flexible to allow any level of service from comprehensive consultation to global case reports to technical-only FISH and stain-only immunohistochemistry.

Highlights of Our Solid Tumor Program

  • Medical staff active nation-wide in publication, speaking, and teaching in solid tumor diagnostics
  • Unique menu of broad-reach and targeted tumor profiles with the NeoTYPE® Cancer Profile suite of multimethod tests
  • Complementary testing methods including FISH, IHC, and molecular are available in-house, which allows an integrated approach to the case, maximizes yield from small specimens, and minimizes turnaround time
  • Large IHC antibody and special stain library with digital imaging and tech-only options
  • Broadest molecular oncology test menu available for characterization of single biomarkers or multiplex panels
  • Solid tumor FISH menu includes tech-only program with client support

Popular Tests

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*Cancer Facts & Figures 2016 page, estimated new cases. American Cancer Society website.  Click here  Accessed 7-3-16.