Pediatric Oncology

Choose NeoGenomics for Your Pediatric Oncology Testing

NeoGenomics Laboratories is fully focused on propelling cancer diagnostics and research forward. NeoGenomics is CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory providing the full spectrum of cancer reference services: consultation, flow cytometry, IHC, cytogenetics, FISH, and molecular analysis. With 15 years' experience serving pathologists and oncologists in all types of cancer, NeoGenomics is renewing its focus on pediatric cancer to provide the best of these tools to this community.

Pediatric oncology needs the best diagnostic and research partners available.  With broad expertise and a comprehensive in-house test menu spanning multiple methodologies, we are uniquely positioned to support the diagnosis and care of pediatric cancer patients. 

Here are some of the reasons clients choose NeoGenomics:

  • Comprehensive and complete menu with more than 630 total tests including 160+ molecular tests run in-house
  • Liquid biopsies target ctDNA/RNA in easily-collected peripheral blood samples for solid tumors and hematologic diseases
  • COG Certification in cytogenetics with testing performed in our Fort Myers, Florida facility
  • Rapidly-evolving test menu means we are highly responsive to guideline changes and new therapy options
  • Tech-only programs for pathologists are available in  flow cytometry, FISH, and IHC
  • Pharma Services supporting research and trials in academia and industry are known for flexibility and rapid response 

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