NeoTYPE Broad Reach Tumor Profiles encompass all hematologic and solid tumor cancers to maximize detection of novel and frequent abnormalities

NeoTYPE Broad Reach Tumor Profiles expand on NeoGenomics’ molecular profiling services and enhance ordering flexibility for clients who wish to perform wide-spectrum testing for genomic abnormalities in genes not directly targeted by the NeoTYPE Cancer-Specific Profiles. In addition, these profiles can be used for large scale analysis in both hematological and solid tumor cancers.

Using next-gen sequencing as the primary analysis tool in the NeoTYPE Broad Reach Tumor Profiles, NeoGenomics is able to offer clients the ability to characterize all classes of cancer without compromising the integrity of a patient’s sample. The combination of these three broad reach tumor profiles with the 26 targeted/tumor-specific profiles gives clients a full service menu of molecular profiles to help resolve any diagnostic challenge.

NeoTYPE Broad Pan Tumor Profile Highlights

  • Expansive: Designed to detect a wide-spectrum of genomic alterations in a variety of cancers concurrently
  • Flexible: Useful for testing tumors of unknown origin
  • Dynamic: Helpful for screening patients with an unusual clinical presentation
  • Innovative: Aids in the development of new therapeutic strategies
  • Pharma Ready: Can be used for academic or clinical research

Hematologic Disease Profiles

Hematologic Profiles offer a wide-spectrum approach to understanding disease biology and establishes a platform for assessing the diagnosis, determining prognosis, and assisting in the therapy selection process.

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Solid Tumor Profiles

NeoTYPE Broad Reach Solid Tumor Profiles are designed to characterize mutations in a large set of genes simultaneously for a variety of solid tumor cancers. The reduced DNA requirements of NGS coordinate well with fine needle biopsy and other minute sample sizes that sometimes limit solid tumor analysis. Options include the 50-gene Precision Profile and the 336-gene Discovery Profile.

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Getting Started

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