Liquid Biopsy

Accurate and sensitive detection of the EGFR T790M
mutation using cell-free plasma DNA


NeoLAB™ EGFR T790M, a non-invasive liquid biopsy alternative to aid in patient management

NeoLAB EGFR T790M – Liquid Biopsy testing is now being offered at NeoGenomics Laboratories to detect the T790M acquired resistance mutation with very high sensitivity (0.1%) using cell-free circulating tumor DNA. This new assay provides a powerful alternative for situations involving limited access to tissue samples.

NeoLAB EGFR T790M Benefits

  • Reduces need for tissue sample and surgery
  • Frequent testing and monitoring made possible with ability to analyze peripheral blood plasma
  • High sensitivity (0.1%)
  • Aids in therapy selection
  • Improved accuracy using two methods for results confirmation

When to Order

For NSCLC patients that have developed an acquired resistance to prior TKI treatment and are suspected to have an EGFR T790M acquired resistance mutation. Helpful in situations where limited or no tissue is available for testing and for identifying patients that may respond to third generation EGFR TKIs.


Ordering information

Ordering Information
Specimen Type Peripheral blood: 5 mL in EDTA tube
TAT 10-14 days


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