NeoLAB Liquid Biopsies

Liquid Biopsy

Cell-free DNA/RNA analysis for hematologic diseases

For years, the medical and scientific community have relied on traditional diagnostic testing protocols to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic assessment of a patient. Routine testing on bone marrows and peripheral blood samples have proven to be useful for various applications. However, due to some limiting factors around each sample type listed above, these specimens may not be optimal for every procedure. Some limitations include difficulty in obtaining adequate sample for testing, patients having to undergo painful biopsy procedures, and the inability to accurately monitor a patient’s disease due to random sampling errors that may affect testing results.

In order to provide clients with the most advanced services possible, NeoGenomics has developed a large menu of non-invasive, cell-free circulating tumor DNA/RNA liquid biopsy assays for hematologic diseases. This testing capability minimizes the risks involved with having patients undergo painful and expensive biopsy procedures, while maximizing the potential of accurately characterizing a patient’s genomic footprint. Additionally, NeoLABs harmonize the power of the latest testing technologies to enable the use of alternative sample types for sensitive and routine patient monitoring.

NeoLAB Advantages

  • Comprehensive menu of targeted tumor profiles and single gene assays for hematologic diseases
  • Sensitive and accurate assessment of a patient’s genetic profile
  • Enables frequent monitoring of therapy effectiveness and disease progress due to non-invasive collection method
  • Adds more sample flexibility and reduces potential QNS cases
  • Developed by expert scientists with more than 10+ years of experience in liquid biopsy testing

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