Hematopathology Services

Comprehensive. Cost-effective. Driven by our team of pathologists.

COMPASS is a hematopathologist-driven complete evaluation performed on bone marrow and peripheral blood.

One check on the requisition allows our hematopathologist to triage the work flow of testing
deemed medically necessary for a complete evaluation including:

Advantages of COMPASS

  • Hematopathologist assigned to each patient case to manage and integrate medically necessary testing
  • All testing performed in a clinically and fiscally responsible manner based on the latest evidence-based guidelines
  • Provides both prognostic and predictive information in early disease states
  • Notification of acute cases within 24 hours
  • Consultation with assigned hematopathologists available for each case
  • In network with most major payers

COMPASS Blood and Bone Marrow Evaluation

Morphology: 1-4 days
Flow Cytometry
10-color flow cytometry: most same day as received (24 hours)

FISH: 3-5 days


Cytogenetics: 5 days


Molecular genetics & NGS: 7-14 days

COMPASS Workflow

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
NGS (Selected cases) 10-14 days

Specimen Requirements

Peripheral Blood Kit - Specimen Requirements
One 6 mL EDTA tube (purple top)
Two 6 mL sodium heparin tube (green top)
OPTIONAL: Slide holder w/ slides
Bone Marrow Kit - Specimen Requirements
Three 4 mL sodium heparin Tubes (green top)
Two slide holders with slides
One 6 mL and one 4 mL EDTA tube (purple top)

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