Vincent Funari, PhD, (CGMBS) profile image
Vincent Funari, PhD (CGMBS)
Vice President of Research and Development

Dr. Funari’s background is in medical genomics and genetics. He is formally trained in bioinformatics and genetics and licensed as a clinical molecular biology and genetics scientist. He comes to us as a previous Director of Genomics Core and Associate professor at UCLA Medical Center with over 45 peer-reviewed co-authored publications in genomics such as Nature Immunology, JAMA, Science, Nature Genetics, AJHG, Genomics, etc. As faculty, he trained four medical genetics and two pathology fellows, in addition to teaching graduate student classes at Cedars-Sinai on genomic profiling. His primary interests are bioinformatics and genomic approaches to precision medicine. After undergraduate research at University of California, Los Angeles, he completed his doctorate in a clinical genetics lab developing novel algorithms to diagnose human metabolic disease using high throughput genomic technologies. Afterward he completed a post-doctorate at Stanford University in the Department of Surgery in the Pat Brown and David Botstein group characterizing the first molecular profiles of Breast Cancer. The next 10+ years were as faculty at the Medical Genetics Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Pathology, and Department of Pediatrics working closely with Dr. David Rimoin and Stan Nelson to implement precision medicine in the clinic. Currently, he is the Technical Director of the molecular lab leading our clinical bioinformatics, working with R&D, and IT as well as Sales and Marketing to further develop and promote our molecular and genetic tests offerings.