Fernando J. López-Díaz profile image
Fernando J. López-Díaz, PhD
Principal Scientist, Research and Development

Dr López-Díaz’s background is on molecular biology, from genomics and cancer pathways to immuno-oncology. He obtained his BS/MS in Clinical Biochemistry and his PhD in Biochemistry in Argentina and completed a postdoctoral training in cancer molecular biology at the Salk Institute with Dr. Beverly Emerson. He has 12+ years of academic career including joint appointments as Staff Scientist at the Salk Institute, UCSD Visiting Scientist and Adjunct Faculty at University Francisco de Vitoria in Spain. He trained scientists and students and led multi-disciplinary projects by Salk, UCSC Genome Technology Center and UCSF scientists making seminal discoveries in cancer progression, drug resistance and single-cell genomics. He authored high profile publications widely cited in top journals including The Lancet, Cancer Cell, Nature Reviews Cancer, etc. Since 2014, he joined the Molecular Tumor Board for the Personalized Therapies Program at UCSD Moores Cancer Center. He also co-founded a Precision Oncology network in Argentina, developed and lectured worldwide at Precision Oncology symposiums. He developed the variants review algorithms at Intermountain Health owned Navican Genomics. Member of ASCO, AACR and AAAS, Dr. Lopez joined NeoGenomics in 2018. A Principal Scientist in R+D, he provides his expertise in tumor biology, clinical genomics and biomarkers to design new assays content, evaluate technologies and develop education and clinical research projects working with R+D, Scientific Affairs, Marketing and Sales.