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Anna Juncker-Jensen, PhD
Senior Scientific Manager, Academic Collaborations

Anna Juncker-Jensen is a Senior Scientist at NeoGenomics, where she is responsible for scientific and operational aspects of MultiOmyx study execution and data interrogation. She conducted her PhD research work at the University of Copenhagen studying extracellular matrix remodeling in breast cancer and its impact on metastasis. This was followed by four years of postdoctoral work at The Scripps Research Institute under the guidance of Professor James Quigley, where she continued her studies on tumor progression and metastasis discovering a novel in vivo mechanism of MMP-1 promoting intravasation in head and neck cancer. Before joining NeoGenomics in 2017, she worked three years at NantBioscience, where she was responsible for leading several projects on the delivery of lead cancer drug candidates from discovery to the pre-clinical phase.