Characterizing NSCLC tumor microenvironment using the integrated MultiOmyx-RNAscope assay


Co-detection of a tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte immunofluorescence (IF) panel and cytokine RNA in-situ hybridization (ISH) markers in non-small cell lung cancer tumor microenvironment using combined MultiOmyx™ and RNAscope™ platforms.

Areas covered:

Co-detection of RNA and protein provides critical information such as the source of secreted proteins (e.g. cytokines) or cell-type specific transcript levels

The novel integrated RNAscope™ – MultiOmyx™ IF assay is a robust and sensitive platform for simultaneous detection of multiple RNA and protein biomarkers<

This integrated approach is shown to spatially correlate the distribution of cytokine RNA expression in immune cell subsets within the tumor microenvironment of NSCLC samples