Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Panel*

Comprehensive Immunophenotyping from a Single Slide

*for research only — Validation pending

Immunotherapy is a promising new cancer treatment approach. In order to develop effective precision immunotherapies, it is important to identify immune checkpoint targets and the types and locations of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment; e.g., B cells, T cells, others. The MultiOmyx Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Panel provides the ideal solution – quantitative analytical results from every cell on your single FFPE slide.

  • Comprehensive immune profiling on a single FFPE slide Tissue samples are precious. Unlike IHC assays which must be performed on serial tissue sections, the MultiOmyx Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Panel evaluates 12 key markers on a single slide
  • Unambiguous individual cell phenotyping The MultiOmyx Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Panel definitively differentiates cell phenotypes and characterizes immune activation and suppression in relation to tumor and stromal regions
  • Advanced bio-image informatics Analysis algorithms provide quantitative expression, co-expression, co-localization of markers, and spatial distributions of cell phenotypes
  • Rigorous quality management system The MultiOmyx Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Panel is offered through GE Healthcare Clarient Diagnostics Laboratory, which is CAP accredited and CLIA certified. Quality management overseen by dedicated pathologist and medical director


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