Immune Cell Co-expression & Co-localization

Unambiguous classification of immune cell phenotypes

MultiOmyx technology allows for direct comparison of multiple biomarkers on the same cell, enabling unambiguous classification of immune cell phenotypes to differentiate T cells, B cells, NK cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells in the tumor microenvironment. Without being restricted to a handful of markers, MultiOmyx can further differentiate functionally, activated immune cells from suppressed immune cells in context to tumor, stroma, and tumor margins.

Functional differentiation of Tcytotoxic cells

CD8+ CD45RO+ “memory” TC


CD8+ PD1+ Anergic” TC


CD8+ Granzyme B+ “effector” TC


CD8+ Ki67+ “Proliferating” TC


MultiOmyx staining was performed on CD3, CD4, CD8, CD45RO, GRANZYMe B, PD1, and Ki67 to identify memory Tcytotoxic (CD3+CD4-CD8+CD45RO+), effector Tcytotoxic (CD3+CD4-CD8+Granzyme B+), anergic Tcytotoxic (CD3+CD4-CD8+PD1+) and proliferating Tcytotoxic (CD3+CD4-CD8+Ki67+) cells. Arrows indicate Tcytotoxic  cells representing each of the four functional classifications in their respective images.