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Optimized for Accuracy, Reproducibility and Sample Adaptability

Ion Semiconductor Sequencing Chemistry

Ion Semiconductor Sequencing Chemistry

Sequencing by Synthesis Sequencing Chemistry

Sequencing by Synthesis
Sequencing Chemistry

NeoGenomics' Pharma Services provides numerous applications and platforms for next-gen sequencing. NeoGenomics also known as SeqWright Genomic Services is one of the early adopters of next-gen sequencing and has extensive experience with a variety of projects.
NeoGenomics sequencing platforms includes numerous models from Illumina; like the HiSeq, MiSeq and NextSeq. Additionally, we offer Life Technologies Ion Torrent sequencers for use on your project.
We offer rapid turn-around times, cost effective pricing and project managers to collaborate with you at every step of the way. Our service offerings are flexible and scalable to meet your needs; whether your project is a few samples or a few thousand with clinical trial sites all over the world, we can help.
NeoGenomics' clients will enjoy access to NeoSEQ, a complimentary tool for next-gen sequencing analysis. Learn more: link to the NeoSEQ page.

Some of the popular services we offer: