Maher Albitar, MD

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Research and Development

Lawrence Weiss
Lawrence M. Weiss, MD

Medical Director (Aliso Viejo, California)

Ainura Kyshtoobayeva
Ainura Kyshtoobayeva, PhD

Immunohistochemistry Quality Control Director

Karen Yamamoto
Karen Yamamoto, PhD

Principal Scientist

Meret Vollenweider
Meret Vollenweider, MS

Engineering and Support Manager

Richard Chang
Richard Chang

Scientist, Flow Cytometry, Scientific Affairs

Steven G. Brodie, PhD, FACMG

President, Pharma Services Division

Miriam Bloch
Miriam Bloch, MD

Staff Pathologist, Pharma Services

Gina Wallar
Gina Wallar, PhD, MPH

Director, Scientific Affairs and Project Management

RaghavKrishna Padmanabhan
RaghavKrishna Padmanabhan, PhD

Team Leader, Analytics, MultiOmyx

Nicholas Hoe
Nicholas Hoe, PhD

Sr. Scientist, Team Leader

Sally S. Agersborg, MD, PhD

Medical Director (Irvine, California) and Director of Hematopathology

George Csathy
George Csathy, MD

Staff Pathologist, Pharma Services

Leighton Howells
Leighton Howells, BSc

Director, Lab Operations, Pharma Services

Ben Ovadia
Ben Ovadia, BS, HTL(ASCP)CM

Scientist I, Team Leader

James Yen
James Yen, PhD

Sr. Scientist