NeoLAB™ Prostate
– Liquid Biopsy

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related death among men in the US and a prostate biopsy is essential to its diagnosis and treatment. 

Currently, urologists depend heavily on PSA testing to determine whether a patient should undergo a prostate biopsy procedure, or when biopsy results are inconclusive, whether the patient should be re-biopsied.

However, there are several significant short-comings with PSA testing. PSA is known to be highly unreliable as a tool to detect those patients with aggressive prostate cancer from those without. Currently, only 20% of prostate biopsies find significant cancers, which highlights the need for a better tool to identify patients who truly need a biopsy to confirm the presence of cancer.1 Additionally, a prostate biopsy can cause anxiety in men, as well as complications like pain, bleeding, and even infection.

There are limited adjunctive tests to provide additional information to accurately identify patients that are at a lower likelihood of having aggressive prostate cancer and can avoid unnecessary invasive biopsy procedures that can lead to serious complications.

Based on the above, NeoGenomics developed NeoLAB Prostate, the first non-invasive “Liquid Biopsy” which measures gene expression levels in both blood and urine. Results are analyzed in an algorithm containing this biomarker data along with age and sPSA to distinguish between patients who have an increased likelihood for clinically significant prostate cancer from those without. Utilizing these test results, along with additional clinical information can reduce the need for unnecessary biopsies and equally important, identify those patients that do need additional evaluation and/or a prostate biopsy.

NeoLAB Prostate has been validated as a lab developed test (LDT), and is available to order. If you are a patient, please complete the authorization form along with your physician, and fax back to NeoGenomics. Upon receipt, a specimen collection kit will be sent by FedEx to your physician office, including a patient requisition and return shipping supplies. Test results will be issued to the ordering physician within 7-10 days of receiving the patient specimen. If you are a physician please contact us for more information.

Advantages of NeoLAB Prostate Testing

  • Non-invasive, liquid alternative to biopsy that uses only urine and peripheral blood
  • Comprehensive and actionable results
  • State of the art testing platforms
  • Reduces the need for unnecessary biopsies and overall cost to the health system

Testing Indications

Not recommended for patients:

  • Who are taking 5-alpha reductase inhibitors within the last 6 months
  • Who have received a prostate massage or who have ejaculated within 24 hours of sample collection
  • Men who have had an invasive urologic procedure within the last six months

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